A Government's Guide to Tiny House Regulation

Tiny houses have helped answer the call for greater diversity of housing options in the face of housing shortages, urbanization, and consumerism. Yet, despite a growing demand and supply for tiny houses, they have not boomed in the way our cultural fascination with them would suggest. One reason? It’s exceedingly difficult to live in them legally.

What's inside this eBook?

  • Tiny house definitions and context
  • Policy considerations surrounding them, including zoning, occupancy, and more
  • Tiny house regulation case studies from around the country

A Local Government's Guide to Smart AirBnB Regulation

With the rise of online rental platforms, AirBnB regulation has become an evolving and complex area for local governments. With advice from short-term rental regulation experts, this guide will help you navigate the process of creating effective AirBnB policy in your own community.  

Download this guide to: 

  • Get a step-by-step process to creating effective AirBnB regulation
  • Ready-to-go planning questions for every stage of the process
  • See example planning objectives and policies 

Being Nimble in 21st Century Citizen Service

Providing quality public services in the digital age means getting in the mindset of the people you serve. It means thinking about citizens as customers, and prioritizing their satisfaction. 

In this eBook, you'll learn about: 

  • Building a customer-centric approach to service delivery
  • Measuring citizen satisfaction
  • Combining public feedback with internal data
  • Balancing responsiveness and resource management

Blockchain: A Primer for Governments

Many describe blockchain as the biggest technological innovation since the Internet, and the revolution is already unfolding. The question for the public sector now is, how are they going to learn from the advent of the Internet and e-commerce, and apply these lessons to revolutionary technologies like blockchain?

The first step is to look up and pay attention.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is blockchain?
  • How it's already being used
  • Why this matters to the public sector

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps for Government

Over the past five years, local, state, and federal governments across the country have adopted cloud-based productivity suites. Local governments in 42 states have already started using Google Apps for Government. For those who haven’t made the switch to cloud, it’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

What's inside this eBook?

  • What is a cloud-based productivity suite?
  • What are the benefits of switching to one?
  • How to choose between your options.

4 Best Practices for Redesigning Government Websites

Government websites across the United States are not meeting the needs of the 21st century citizen.  Here we'll cover best practices for redesigning government websites with the pubilc user in mind. 

Download this guide to:

  • Learn about best practices from governments and website designers who have gone through the redesign process
  • Understand the importance of a user-centric design
  • See example government websites with exceptional design

5 Ways to Keep Email From Taking Over Your Day

There are few things as pervasive in modern life as our addiction to email. A 2015 Adobe survey of 400 office workers in the U.S. found the average respondent reported using email more than 6 hours a day, checking email from the bed, car, and even the bathroom.

Download this guide to:

  • Learn from productivity thought-leaders
  • Understand why email has become a problem
  • Acquire proven methods to combat email overload

Best Practices for Developing a Paid Volunteer Time Off Program

Many employers across the country, including local governments, are providing employees with paid volunteer time off to do things like mentor at their local after school program or work at a nearby soup kitchen. They find it not only helps the community, it also benefits the workplace. 

Download this guide to:

  • Learn best practices for developing your own program
  • See an example paid volunteer time off policy produced by a local government
  • Hear from local government officials who have gone through this process