Join us as we explore the ways local governments can use technology to provide better services and engage with their citizens. Featuring local government leaders and industry partners, we focus on best practices from innovative governments, and actionable steps you can take back to your communities.

Upcoming Webinar

Prioritizing Government Spending to Maximize ROI
Tuesday May 30th, 1 - 2pm EST | 10 - 11am PST 

In partnership with ResourceX, we'll discuss how to identify, prioritize, and spend on the kinds of high-impact investments that will save your government resources in the long run. Our featured speakers will share their insights from efforts that helped their communities save big—one through partnered services and another through new software. 

Featured Speakers

  • Eric Keck, City Manager, Englewood, CO | Saving with Partnerships: Bundling Emergency Services
  • Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator, Franklin, MA | Saving with Technology: Upgrading to Cloud-based Software

Please use the form on the right to resgister for the webinar. Feel free to submit questions or topics you'd like us to cover! 




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